Advantages of Natural Food Preservatives

Natural food preservatives have been used and known to mankind since long time. These are used in both raw as well as cooked food to increase the shelf value of food so that aroma, taste and the food itself can be stored for a longer period of time. Also food decomposition is prevented by them. Apart from the preservatives, in natural preservation, freezing, pickling, deep frying, salting and smoking also come.

Food preservatives whether natural or artificial work in three different ways as antimicrobial, antioxidants and act on enzymes. In antimicrobial, growth of microbes like bacteria and fungi is inhibited. In the second one the process of oxidation is either delayed or stopped. And the one that acts on enzymes stops the ripening or aging of foodstuff.

Methods of natural preservation include salt, sugar, vinegar, rosemary extracts etc. Salt is a natural preservative that with the process of osmosis dehydrates the microbes. With this the growth of bacteria is inhibited that…

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