Be Creative to Seek Best Alternative Treatments For Curing Your Candida

People with chronic yeast infections might have tried almost every alternative therapy there is, listening to countless of advices from doctors and other people with the same problems, while at the same time wondering if anyone gets better. A doctor puts someone on diflucan, but somehow his patient knows that this is not going to cure her because she has been there before with a different doctor and the yeast came back in a month or two. She can treat herself and go to the doctor and will find no viable yeast in her vagina but within a few weeks she will have another infection. Nothing seems to cure the problem. All the diet changes and alternative/over the counter therapies just seem to put a bandage on things, they don’t cure it for her.

The key is probably to keep searching and trying to get better and be as creative as possible in doing it. What people do to themselves might not be working for your body, but you will never know until you try them.

For example, there are people…

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