Book Summary: Flood Your Body With Oxygen – Therapy for Our Polluted World – Written by Ed McCabe

This book is a 600 page encyclopedia about Oxygen therapies. I must admit that I was not familiar at all with the power of oxygen as it relates to health and performance. I find it important to study and research wellness especially with the state of our “Health Care System” or better yet our “Sick Care System”

Why is this important to me? I ask this question so I don’t waste your time. I believe that without health, you have nothing. Everything else can be achieved if you have your health. To that end, it makes sense to study it.

1. Symptom vs. Root Cause – Have you ever considered the treatment for cancer? Millions of dollars per year are donated to cancer research and some of it is excellent yet over 700,000 people will die from it in the United States. The treatment for cancer is to poison it (Chemo-therapy), burn it (Radiation) and cut it out (Surgery). Have you ever thought about the root cause? The treatment gets rid of the cancer as a symptom but the root cause usually is not…

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