Merits of Smoked Foods

Smoking of meat and fish goes back a long time in history. It is believed that indigenous people used smoke produced whilst drying fish to drive flies away. Previously, they used to hang meats to dry. They eventually found out that the smoke acted as a preservative for food as well. The meat stored in smoky areas also tasted better than that dried from the Sun.

Smoking of food includes heating, roasting or cooking through constant application of heat from smoke produced naturally (burning wood or coal) or artificially (electrically). Smoked foods bring a different taste and way of cooking for people around the world. The primary advantage of smoking food products is that it helps in preservation of food for future consumption. They help in preserving wastage food that may become useful in the future.

There are other advantages of smoked foods as well which are:

– High temperature due to smoking kills and slows down growth of bacteria in food.


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