Modern Agricultural Technologies Key to Africa’s Food Security

Two major U.S.-based foundations have announced a grand scheme to rejuvenate Africa’s agriculture. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation will spend $150 million towards green revolutionizing Africa’s agriculture.

The program, according to a joint press release from the two foundations, “intends to improve agricultural development in Africa by addressing both farming and relevant economic issues, including soil fertility and irrigation, farmer management practices, and farmer access to markets and financing.”

There is no doubt that this initiative has come at an opportune time. Africa’s agriculture is near total collapse and requires urgent reengineering. Africa has been slow in embracing cutting edge agricultural technologies such as biotechnology that have transformed the economies of many developing countries such as India, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and China.

This initiative stands a good chance to transform Africa’s agriculture. For…

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