Tarifa: Costa De La Luz

Tarifa sits on one of the most southernmost points of the province of Cadiz in Spain. It enjoys the idyllic sunshine hours of the Costa de la Luz and is within close proximity of both the Costa del Sol and the city of Algiers on the African continent.

There are over 50 caves in the local mountains, some of which contain evidence of the Palaeolithic Period. They are believed to be about eighteen thousand years old. The most significant of these caves is probably that of the Cueva del Moro which is considered to have the most cave art in Europe. The animal that is most depicted is the horse engraved into the wall or traced with red pigments.

The town received its name from the leader of the first Moorish incursion into Southern Spain, Tarif Ibn Malluk. That first incursion saw a larger army ascend upon the southern territories of Spain a year later. Historical experts tend to believe that the invasion of the Moors was relatively peaceful as the Visigoths that ruled within the fringes…

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