The Benefits of Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes take the concept of bagged lunches to an entire new level. Originating from Japan, these mutl-compartmental lunch containers are traditionally used as portioned take-out meal boxes for the Japanese Cuisine. In recent years, however, they have gained enormous popularity in U.S. Markets primarily for their convenience in portioning, storing and transporting a variety of foods in a compact, efficient, and portable way.

For example, a typical Bento Box may have two to four individually portioned compartments for filling with a variety of foods such as sandwiches, fruits, snacks, veggies, etc. The portion of each compartment is also just enough so that you don’t get too much of one kind of food. As a result, you can get a complete balanced meal in one compact Bento Lunch Box.

Kids also love them because they look and feel like little gift boxes full of individual treats. My kids are always the center of attention at school because of the wide variety of foods that they get in…

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