The Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

It was a little more than a year ago that I discovered I had a problem. I arose from bed that particular Sunday morning and headed to the bathroom to relieve myself. It was immediately clear to me that something was wrong when I noticed that the color of the stream was red, and indication that I had blood in my urine. I monitored the condition throughout the remainder of the day, noticing no improvement. On Monday morning I immediately called the doctor and scheduled an appointment for later that morning.

During my visit, the doctor performed a variety of tests, gave me a script for antibiotics and commented that the office would contact me as soon as possible with the test results. I was told that blood in the urine is usually caused by either kidney stones or a cancerous bladder. Since I was not experiencing any type of pain, the early assumption was that I probably had a cancerous tumor. Hearing the word cancer was obviously quite disturbing to me and my family. There is…

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