What Are the Different Types of Commercial Food Processing Equipment?

Food processing, by definition, pertains to different types of methods used in converting raw ingredients into dishes. If this is done on a large scale, as is the case in restaurants, then it can be termed commercial food processing. Like any other form of commercial process, the processing of food on a commercial scale is also dependent on machines and equipment to be efficient and reliable. As any person involved in the dining industry would agree, there are no set or uniform categories in different commercial food processing equipment that can be classified. Still, on a tentative note, commercial food processing equipment can be categorized into five groups. The following are details.

1. Blenders:

When it comes to blenders, the difference between the domestic variants and industrial variants is primarily related to the amount of ingredients that can be blended in one session. Needless to say, commercial food processing equipments, like industrial blenders, hold the capacity to…

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