Aquaponics Systems, Part 1: The Anatomy of a System

Aquaponics Systems

Do you know where aquatic animals and vegetables come from? If not, this is your chance to understand the concepts of aquaponics systems. Aquaponics systems are the symbiotic methods of feeding a plant using the waste water of a fish tank. It means that they are using the same water supply to sustain both plant gardens and aquatic animals.

Aquaponics systems provide healthier fish and greater plant yields. With these methods, the fish supplies the plants with a sufficient amount of nutrients to grow. Therefore, both fishes and plants take care of each other and that guarantees an ultimate growth. Aquaponics systems are divided into two parts and here they are:


This type is also known as aqua farming. This is not just about farming of aquatic organisms such as crustaceans, fishes, mollusks and aquatic plants. It also involves the cultivation of saltwater and freshwater organisms under controlled conditions. The aquaculture component often consists of a…

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