Arm-Twisting With Hungry, Not With Hunger

Proposed National Food Security Act in India

There is acceptability that state should legitimize the people’s right to food, while food security of old aged, destitute, single women and widow, people with stigmatized diseases and occupations, homeless, primitive tribal group and excluded communities must be griped, in contrast to the state’s constitutional duty defined under fundamental rights and directive principals to the state policy. Can you believe that a regime elected by the people can prepare and come out with a draft of food rights legislation that would keep a very large section of its own citizens wounded of hunger and exploitation? If yes, then more then 400 million people (the difference between planning commission’s estimates of poor people and the number who are nutritionally in-secured according to Prof. Utsa Patnaik and Arjun Sengupta) will still be living and dying with hunger. A scan through the concept being followed by the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM)…

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