Cadot: Magnificent Yet Unpretentious French Dining In North Dallas

Every once in a while, if you are very lucky indeed and a lover of French food, you will run into (or seek out!) a chef as gifted as Jean-Marie Cadot, the charming and very talented patron of the eponymous Cadot Restaurant at 18111 Preston Road in North Dallas, nestled in a lovely space at the northwest corner of Preston and Frankford.

Cadot, in my opinion, is without question now one of the half-dozen best French restaurants in North Texas, a place of consistent excellence run by a man who has spent three decades perfecting his art. It is also a place of no pretensions and silliness. You will find snow-white linens on your table, flowers, a spotless setting decorated in way that transports you to the Champs Elysee in the springtime, but no fussiness or posturing or affectation. And the prices are remarkably low, I suppose in part because the overhead is not as great as it would be in downtown Dallas.

Jean-Marie Cadot is the real thing, a Paris native who is the progeny of a family…

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