Chlorella Detox

Cleanse your body with Chlorella

All the world’s natural resources are becoming more and more polluted and this is influencing us by the food we eat and water we drink and the air that we breathe. In addition we are also influenced by all the additives used in the food industry. On top of this we are also exposed to pesticides, herbicides and drugs used in food production and agriculture, not to forget cigarette smoke, exhaust, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and detergents.

Because of all this our bodies need to be cleansed. Our body is in fact naturally able to remove these chemicals and poisons which have piled up inside of us. The only problem is that our body can’t cope with all this and the result is that we are witnessing an explosion of toxin related diseases and disorders like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Autism, fatigue, aching joints, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, depression, digestive stress, blood pressure, obesity and reproductive problems among others.

Chlorella is a nutrient dense…

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