Delicious Japanese Pork Kushiyaki Recipe

One of the places I love to hang out in Japan is at the “izakayas” (shops or establishments that serves drinks, alcohol beverages and also serves food. Izakayas are everywhere and are mostly open all night. The variety of food in their menu lists are not as long compared to ordinary restaurant but they do have their specialties.

My favorite izakaya is located just a few blocks away from my apartment and they offer quite a longer list of menu compared to the other izakayas that I know of. I often have dinner there because I love the food, the friendly atmosphere and the reasonable prices of their food and beverages.

One of my favorite in the izakaya is pork kushiyaki. The term “kushi” means skewer, “yaki” means grilled and “buta” mean pork. I usually eat about eight kushiyaki every time I go there together with some “sake” (Japanese rice wine) and one or two cups of rice.

Pork kushiyaki is not exclusive only to izakayas but is also an outdoor barbeque favorite. They are also sold at…

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