Eco Friendly Bags – Other Uses for Reusable Shopping Bags

Eco friendly bags have been popping up in varying shapes, sizes and designs. It seems as if every store you enter is handing out free reusable bags or is offering them at a discounted rate. With the numerous varieties that are available it is no surprise that reusable bags start to pile up quickly. Luckily for reusable bag collectors there are other uses for reusable bags other than for use during shopping trips.

Eco friendly bags can be used as a small, compact storage container. Instead of buying those huge plastic containers, the eco friendly bags offer a great alternative to storage containers. Many of the reusable totes have plastic or cardboard bottoms that provide a sturdy bottom and allow users to be able to pack various items into the bags without worrying that they will tip over or not offer a stable container. Not only can reusable shopping bags be used to store items but they can be stacked on top of each other which makes for a very compact storage option and a…

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