Effects of Microwave Frequencies and Essential Oils

Dr. Radwan Farag, dean of the Biochemistry Department at Cairo University, conducted a study and discovered that all enzymes in food are destroyed with just 2 seconds of microwave energy. This increases our enzyme deficiency and alters the frequency of the food. Heating food-containing proteins for 10 minutes in the microwave could change the molecular structure of the food, creating a harmful type of protein. Isn’t the price of this convenience too high in the loss of our health?

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy, like radio waves. A microwave oven contains a magnetron, which produces micro wave-length radiation that interacts with the molecules in food. The wave energy from the microwave oven changes the polarity of molecules from positive to negative millions of times every second. The friction produces extreme heat and causes structural damage of the food molecules.

The nutritional value of food decreases up to 60 to 90 percent. Vitamin B12, needed for red blood…

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