Ever Considered a Roving Dinner Party?

A roving dinner party is not the usual image that comes to mind when people think of the words “dinner party”. By roving, I mean not just staying in the one location – but roving from one private venue to the next – maybe a course at each? Maybe the first course in a garden setting, then indoors for the main and dessert?

When you hear the words “dinner party” most people imagine a small group of invited guests having a meal at the host’s house – a party over dinner. A relaxed get-together at the one location.

But it doesn’t have to be like that – in fact, I’d recommend you try a totally different dinner party experience with your friends, neighbors, colleagues or acquaintances. Or anyone important enough to you that that you’d like to organize a dinner party with.

Not that conventional dinner parties aren’t fun – they’re just typical. Moving around can add an element of excitement – especially if you don’t have to move too far to the next location (imagine hiring a limousine to take…

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