Fantastic Food in Barbados

A famous Spanish saying quotes “The belly rules the mind”. Indeed it is true! As for people all over the world, eating or the art of cuisine is such a favorite topic among many since it satisfies our sense of taste.

When we come to talk about cuisine and exotic tropical taste, one place stands out, Barbados. Having a mix of tropical atmosphere and the sweet sense of exotic and mouth watering taste surely gives a whole new definition to dining.

Let me start off by introducing to you the national dish of the famous island. Cou Cou and Flying Fish has made this little Caribbean island stand out among the rest. The first recipe is an exotic and sophisticated blend of cornmeal, okra and tomatoes with an accent of salt, peppers and the famous Bajan hot sauce. Meanwhile, flying fish is abundant in this location since it thrives well among the warm waters that surround the island. This dish is commonly served fried or steamed, depending on your choice.

Fish here in the island is a common…

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