Following the Industrial Food Chain – Are You Bowing to the King of Corn?

Except for salt and a handful of synthetic chemical food additives, most every item in the supermarket is a link in a food chain that starts with a plant, animal or creature from the sea. In the produce aisle, and even the fish and meat department, it is easy to trace the genesis of the food presented for purchase.

Not so with processed food. The industrial food chain that now feeds most of us most of the time — either at a supermarket or in a restaurant — inevitably leads to the American Corn Belt.

It comes down to food chain facts — the actual elements that comprise the industrial food chain that supplies our fast-paced world. Corn is grown on 80 million acres of U.S. land and has replaced wheat as a top government subsidy for the American farmer. The reason we grow so much corn? Because of the multiple ways it can be processed into our food.

For example, corn now feeds the steer that eventually becomes your steak. Thus, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt…

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