Gourmet Edible Truffles

Mushroom lovers wouldn’t want to overlook an opportunity to eat the rarest and the most costly sort of fungi internationally-the truffles. Research shows that truffles are included in the top 10 most costly natural foods internationally which sells at a whopping US $150,000 and above per pound!!!

Truffles are basically mushrooms. Only these are found underground and don’t form a marked stem like other mushroom types. When it comes to its appearance, truffles may be in comparison to small white potatoes.

Because of rarity, truffles are considered among the most costly natural foodstuffs internationally. Research shows that there are very limited numbers places where truffles are cultivated and harvested. The most popular truffle-producing continent is the Europe wherein countries like France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

There are likewise some varieties that can be found in the United States including areas in Washington and Oregon as well as in Asia, particularly in China and the…

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