Greek Food and It’s Meaning

The Greek diet is one that is bursting with fresh flavors and excellent nutrition. With a cuisine consisting of fresh vegetables, a wide variety of meats such as lamb, chicken and pork, the Greek diet is known for being one of the healthiest across the world. The fantastic use of herbs and spices gives Greek food distinct flavors, of which are heightened with the liberal use of olives, lemons and garlic which are used frequently within many traditional and family recipes. Renowned for being lovers of family celebrations, food is a huge part of any special occasion and religious holiday where bright, aromatic foods and delicious, flowing wine are welcomed and enjoyed by all.

Within the Greek culture, the Easter holiday begins on the first day of Lent which is when the Greek community prepares for the resurrection of Christ by cleaning their bodies. The foods which are eaten during this time include the word ‘nistisma’ to symbolize that it does not contain any restricted foods….

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