Hope’s Edge by Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe

The book Hope’s Edge, by Frances Moore Lappe and her daughter Anna Lappe, (Putnam, NY, 2002) includes economic, political, psychological, health related, environmental, cultural and scientific connections between plants and human societies. This book is wake up call, urging us, while there’s still hope, to reclaim our democracy for the good of humankind as a whole. It reminds us that we are all interconnected in this vast web of life and that the further away we stray from the source, the less aware we become. It reveals how corporate global capitalism doesn’t value the individual or community. This book documents accounts from around the globe of the emergence of action sparked by hope. These courageous and motivated groups are experimenting with different approaches to healing the planet, and themselves in the process; through creating communities and uniting our minds and ideas on how to best have a symbiotic relationship with nature. They are freeing themselves of “global…

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