How to Eat Healthy With Italian Food

Italian and Chinese are probably the most ubiquitous of all cuisines in the world because they’re delicious, and can be healthy too. We’ve already talked about healthy options in Chinese food.

So, how do you really eat healthy in Italian food?

Lets start with the basics. There are two types of sauces- cheese based and veggie based (tomato, pesto, garlic, etc). Cheese, as we all know is higher in fat. Now, fat is not bad, but in a whole dish with cheese based sauce, it adds up to a lot of calories. And the most basic reason why people get fat, is because they consume more calories than they expend.

Besides this, the veggie based sauces like those made from tomato supply you with lots of lycopene, which has been proven reduce chances of prostate cancer in men.

Pasta is primarily carbohydrates. Whole wheat pasta is better since it has a lower glycemic index. And has higher protein and fiber content, helping you build those muscles, to burn more calories! 🙂

Eating grilled meat (chicken,…

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