How to Spice Summer Food Favorites For Picnics and Barbeques

Planning a party for a lot of people can seem overwhelming, which is why the potluck idea was invented. The downside can be lack of flavor when everyone brings items bought at the local store. What if you want baked beans, but it needs to be heated when it arrives? What if cousin Bob forgets what he was supposed to bring and it’s a crucial item, like paper plates or utensils?

One way to handle this is to figure the cost and have a donation jar on the table for each guest to make a contribution. Prepare them ahead of time by adding up your costs for everything and divide by the number of people attending, including yourself. Tell them the suggested donation. Trust me, your guests would love to avoid making the decision of what to buy and taking the time to pick it up. That way you can avoid duplications or no-shows and have a little better grasp on the timing for serving your meal.

Certain foods are expected at picnics and outdoor gatherings. In the meat category are the burgers and…

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