Lap-Band Success Story Part 2 – Achieving "Results Not Typical"

In my last article “Lap-Band Success Story: Achieving “Results Not Typical” (Part 1),” I shared my strategies for reaching and maintaining a normal weight with gastric banding weight loss surgery. In this article, we explore those strategies in more detail. As a refresher here is my understanding of the facts for average weight loss, or “typical results,” for people with serious weight issues based on the research I’ve done:

For diet and exercise/medical therapy:

  • 25% of excess weight lost (EWL) in ONLY 10 – 40% of patients
  • 95% of patients regain (can you say yo-yo)

For Gastric Banding:

  • 50% of excess weight lost (EWL) in the average patient at 2 – 3 years
  • Results are enduring and similar to those of gastric bypass patients at 3 years and beyond according to published studies

I have experienced the life changing benefits of Lap-Band surgery – a 90 pound weight loss or 100% excess weight loss, and have been maintaining since 2007. Typical results for me would have been to lose and…

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