Main Courses For Fire Pit Meals

Meals cooked over fire pits range from simple hamburgers to savory roasts however whether simple or complex one can expect a savory meal.

It is vital to have all the necessary tools gathered in advance when cooking over an open fire pit. Campers know all to well about fire pit cooking and assemble a “chuck box.” This is simply a container large enough to hold all the necessities to cook over a fire. If you intend on cooking over a fire frequently, consider assembling your own chuck box.

Fire management tools: These items need to be at the cooking area constantly whether it is in the yard or a campsite abroad.

• Grill or grate cooking surface

• Oven Mitts

• Hot Coal/Ash Shovel

• Long tongs to stoke and adjust pit coals

• Spray bottle filled with fresh water.

• Aluminum Foil

Preparation and Cooking tools: These will vary depending on where you are cooking. For campers all items need to be part of the chuck box whereas backyard pits require only the actual tools needed for cooking the…

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