Only Food-Based Supplements Have Real Vitamins and Minerals

Both vitamins and minerals are also very important for optimal health. They work together with enzymes, special proteins that regulate all the biological processes in your body.

Each vitamin is not a single substance, but a combination of dozens (sometimes hundreds) of ingredients. For example, vitamin C contains ascorbic acid, ascorbigen, tyrosinase, copper, trace minerals, dozens of bioflavonoids, J factor, P factor, and a few other ingredients.

Food (orange, kiwi, strawberry, etc.) has all the ingredients of vitamin C. A capsule of ascorbic acid does not.

Minerals are naturally found in the earth crust, in rocks, mountains, and soil. Minerals in their natural state are inorganic (not alive) and are useless to us. Plants can take these “dead” minerals and transform them into the “live” ones, which is what your body needs. When you eat plants (or animals that eat plants), you get the minerals that are organic (live).

The fact is that even if you eat a good diet you still need…

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