Programmable Logic Controllers

PLC History & Development

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) were originally invented for the U.S. automotive manufacturing industry to replace relay logic systems. The automotive industry adopted PLCs initially for software revision that replaced rewiring of control panels was used during the changing of production models. Before PLC, the process to change and update facilities for its new model each year was very expensive and time-intensive since each relay had to be individually rewired.

In 1986, GM requested a proposal for a device that would electronically change this relay system. Winning this project bid, Dick Morely of Bedford Associates is known as the “father” of the PLC with their 084 PLC as the first product of its kind. Bedford Associated founded the company Modicon to help promote and service its 084 PLC, which was later sold to the German company now known as AEG. Schneider Electric in France is now the current owner of Modicon’s 084 PLC. The PLC is now a vital part…

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