Queen Elizabeth Ship Gets the Verandah Instead of Todd English

Have you ever enjoyed the Todd English Restaurant experience on either the Queen Mary 2 ship, or the Queen Victoria ship? Wasn’t it just a fabulous experience and something that you remembered longer than other things on your cruise on the ship?

Well that sort of dining experience is going to be taken to a new level in the new Queen Elizabeth ship. Not only does the Queen Elizabeth ship becomes the newest ship with the oldest name it will be reinstating an exclusive name in a new setting on board: The Verandah Restaurant. The Verandah Restaurant on the new Queen Elizabeth ship takes the name of the first restaurant on the original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth ships that was enjoyed by both Royalty (The Duke and Duchess of Windsor) and film stars (Rita Hayworth and Clark Gable). This restaurant was for the exclusive use of first class passengers and its full name was the Verandah Grill.

In the new Queen Elizabeth ship the splendour and glamour of the Verandah Grill be re instated to…

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