The Origins and Importance of Main Courses

For those influenced by European culture, the main course, (known sometimes as the entrée in North America [but not elsewhere]) is typically the most important course of the day’s most important meal.

In a European-style formal meal the main course is the primary or featured dish on the menu of a multi-course formal meal. Typically the main course is the most complex and substantive dish on the menu and typically features meat or game with vegetable and starch accompaniments.

In formal dining the preceding courses act as a way of preparing for and leading up to the main course which is considered to be the gastronomic apex of the meal. The succeeding courses are intended to calm the stomach an the senses after the main event.

In restaurant dining the main course is typically preceded by a light appetizer a soup or a salad and followed by a dessert or a cheese course. However, a structured formal meal can contain many more courses than this. An example might be a fruit course followed…

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