The PvE Bible – Using a Priest PvE Guide

In any MMORPG the Priest is the healer. Even though in World Of Warcraft there’s different positions for a Priest, if you’re looking to raid you’re almost always going to be a healer. Especially in end-game raids. But that doesn’t mean that’s you’re only option for you. A good PvE guide will tell you, a Priest isn’t tied down to just healing, you can take on a bunch of different support roles, like crowd control, mana support, and even some DPS when needed.

How To Balance Your Priest With A PvE Guide.

Any good Priest PvE Guide should tell you exactly what you need to know in order to have a good Priest. It’s important that you know how you want to play your class first. The Priest class has 3 different specs, Holy, Discipline, and Shadow, and they all have their own special qualities that can be really helpful depending on what role you plan on playing.

The Holy Priest

With this spec you are a straight up healer. Meaning you don’t put out a lot of damage at all, but in PvE you’re one…

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