Tired of Living in a COPD Treatment Torture Chamber? Be Kind to Yourself and Treat it Naturally

The fifth most common disease and the fourth leading cause of death all over the modern world, is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. Besides being deadly, COPD disease can also be very debilitating.

Better than fifty percent of COPD patients say that they’re severely hampered in even performing such ordinary task like household chores, social activities, sleeping, anything requiring physical involvement such as sports, or even taking a walk.

I don’t want to focus on what is COPD, how you get it, or it’s dangers, but I would like to warn you not to listen to the uninformed opinions of persons who say it can’t be cured and it’s victims are destined to lead to a lifetime of dependence on oxygen therapy, inhalers, and corticosteroids. Let’s see, what else does modern medical science offer for a COPD treatment? Oh I almost forgot, lung surgery, and if your real lucky maybe a lung transplant.

Some lung treatment huh? My dear sir, we’ll try the surgery but what your probably…

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