Turkey Behavior – Simple Tips To Understand Their Behaviors When Rearing Turkeys

Some children want a dog or a cat to be their playmate everyday. But some consider rare animals to be their pets. Many of you may find it unusual to have a turkey pet. But for your information, since decades ago, turkeys have been kept as pets. In fact, the son of Abraham Lincoln kept a turkey as the first White house turkey pet because of its social turkey behavior.

Farm Sanctuary, one of the animal welfare groups, testified that turkeys are intelligent and very sociable animals. They can be compared to dogs when it comes to companionship and reliability. Former US President George W. Bush once noted in his 2001 National Thanksgiving Presentation speech that keeping turkeys as pets is an old and still existing tradition of the generation and recommended to continue it.

There are two kinds of turkeys according to their breed and turkey behavior. One is the wild turkey and the other is the domestic turkey. Domestic turkeys are the ones born and living in a commercial…

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