Vegetarian/Vegan Food for Your Wedding in Tuscany

As you know Italians love their food so you can imagine in an Italian wedding menu there will be more dishes than in your standard wedding menu.

Tuscan Wedding menus are usually structured as follows:

– canap├ęs -a spread out of several starters

– two first courses ( usually pasta, rice or ravioli)

– two main courses

– side orders

– wedding cake

– coffee and Tuscan digestive liqueurs

Like in many countryside areas in Italy, in the past Tuscan farmers did not have much meat available, therefore they used a lot of pulses and vegetables in their diet and throw away left over bread was not even contemplated. Food was mainly seen as Mother earth’s gift. Panzanella for example is a cold bread salad made with pieces of bread, tomatoes, onions and basil. A lot of delicious recipes are purely vegan! You will actually be amazed by the number of traditional veggie Tuscan dishes to choose from.

Let’s take a look one by one. Let me though stress one thing first. The freshness of ingredients is always…

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