Wedding Receptions on a Budget: Easy and Elegant Ideas

Whether your funds are limited or you just think it is crazy to spend a fortune on your wedding, you do not have to forgo a memorable wedding reception just because you have a tight budget. With careful planning and a little creativity, you can throw a party that everyone will have a blast at and which you will look back on fondly in years to come. Breaking it down by category, here are some proven tips for great wedding receptions on a budget.

Location is key

Your venue or location for the reception is often the biggest expense, so your best bet is to search high and low for either a free or very cheap place. Aside from someone’s house, you can consider a local park, beach, social hall, church or temple hall, museum, library, farm, or even a nearby botanical garden. Many of these places can be rented at very low cost, and some may just require a permit or written permission.

Hotels and restaurants are traditional locations for weddings, but you can often get good deals if you have…

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