Acai Berry Powder Capsules – Are There Health Benefits?

You may have heard that there are many benefits to be had from Acai berries, but you may not know that you can buy pure Acai berry powder to add to your smoothies or mixed drinks. Acai powder is typically made within twenty-four hours after collecting Acai berries from Acai palm trees down in South America. The process involves people cultivating Acai tree farms and crushing up Acai berries for freeze-dried preservation after they are collected.

The Acai berry powder is then able to be shipped to other countries and used in drinks or in what are called Acai capsules. Acai capsules are basically supplement pills that contain Acai freeze-dried powder. They claim to have many of the same benefits that natural Acai is able to provide.

People have reported having better sleep at night after taking Acai berries. Some individuals enjoy higher amounts of energy throughout the day and others may experience better digestion. There’s no question that you may benefit from mixing in some Acai…

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