Acai Weight Loss With Bible Fruits and Vegetables!

Acai and the Bible? No way! Don’t get all religious on me! We have heard all that Bible stuff before. Wait! Hold it! This is not a preaching session. This is an experience lesson useful for all humans today. Besides what exactly is wrong with examining the Bible anyway? OK. Ok. Here is the situation. Remember when centuries ago in Bible history the Israelites were plundered and taken captive by the world power of that era?

(Side note background: Their God Jehovah allowed them to be taken into captivity due to their selfishness, immorality, unfaithfulness and wayward course into false religions flourishing in the surrounding pagan lands in the area. This was their punishment for deviating from exclusive devotion to their God to whom they promised to worship only, and follow and obey his laws at that time.)

The Bible account we are referring to deals with Daniel and his three faithful companions while in captivity. Daniel and his companions were found to be highly intelligent and…

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