Access To Information And Knowledge In Post-War Reconstruction In Sierra Leone


It is frequently said that we live in an ‘Information Age’. The leaders of the USA talk of an Information Superhighway; the EU of an Information Society; academics talk of a network society, and knowledge economy’. Leading business strategists argue that Knowledge is replacing financial capital as a key resource for companies. The current realization is that any society that strives to develop requires increasingly more information and knowledge activities as these facilitate the measurement of change in every fabric of society. What do we understand by the terms INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE?

Information and knowledge

Two schools of thought exist. We tend to think that Information and Knowledge are synonymous and are thus used inter-changeably. However there is a difference. Information is usually a selection of documents/ideas in a particular subject or range of subjects which may or may not have been digested necessarily. It therefore has the potential of becoming…

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