Appalachian Women Gardeners Add Wealth to Personal Finances

This is a story of three women vegetable gardeners in Appalachia and how they use their resources to add income in their homes. These women live in and around Scott and Morgan County Tennessee. These counties are about eighty miles or so from Knoxville, Tennessee. I encountered two of these women when visiting family and visiting with health ministry in the Appalachian areas of these Tennessee counties. The third one, Alma Storie, was from memory and was my grandmother.

The wisdom from these three women gardeners is one of those blessings I receive that have been passed down from many generations.

An 84 year old woman who I will call ‘Flower’ is one such wise woman. She is named after a flower so this is the name given to her in this story. She has planted a garden since she was a child. She has had knee replacements and continues to garden if at all possible. Not long after her surgery I witnessed her cleaning off her land and down the sides of the land that went to the road from…

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