Becoming a Food Caterer – Create Your Own Catering Menu

Becoming a caterer. Setting up a catering shop and business. You will need to set up a menu. This can cost you an absolute fortune if done according to the highest professional standards and services. Or you can do it all yourself.

To begin with – you probably have limited time and money if you are just starting out. If you are in position number 2 – then you most likely are well funded and have staff to do this task as well. That not being the case with start ups and start up catering operations the basic rule is – if someone has done the legwork and indeed the hard work and costs, then why not utilize their expertise and experience to your benefits. Its all comes down to market research and testing in the real world of food and hospitality services.

You can easily create a collection of menus from competitors from which to draw from. Many of these are either listed on the internet or double as place settings, so these invitations are fairly easy to obtain. If the menus…

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