Clay Cookware – Where to Buy in the USA

The popularity of clay cookware is increasing with more people becoming aware of its health benefits. How conventional cookware has been poisoning our food is no longer a secret. Tired of dealing with health problems ranging from common illnesses to chronic and life-threatening diseases viz. diabetes, blood pressure, cancer etc., we are finally coming back to our roots. The ancient practice of cooking in clay cookware is still the only healthy option because of one simple reason – there is no other material to make cookware as pure, all-natural and healthy as clay in nature.

The next important step is where to buy clay pots and pans in the USA. The market is flooded with so many kinds of cookware that claim to use clay as raw material, it is normal for anybody to get confused. The common clay cookware we can find in the market are:

1. Ceramic Cookware – Ceramics has been in the market for a while and is often marketed as a kind of clay cookware. In reality, ceramics is mixed with a…

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