Cleaning Up Mashed Potato Spills on Your Rug

Mashed potatoes are really delicious and is definitely one of the favorite dishes that people love to eat. It is not only consumed during special occasions such as holidays like Thanksgiving but it is likewise an everyday food item that people enjoy.

But while mashed potatoes can be really tasty and delicious and can put a big smile on your face, if you accidentally drop it on your rug then that would instantly flip that smile upside down. This is because mashed potato spills can be really difficult to clean up and will likely cause you a ton of effort just to try and get your rug tidy once again.

Lucky for you that this is not an impossible task and with the guide below you will surely be able to get your rug back to normal in no time. Here’s what you’ll need to do to correctly clean up the mashed potato spill on your rug.

• Start off by clearing up all of the spilled mashed potato on your rug using a spoon and scooping it up. Do this repeatedly until all of the mashed potato is…

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