Common Household Items Can Be a Threat to Your Dog!

Even in the cleanest and seemingly safest house or apartment can lurk a health threat for your dog. There are many common household items that we all keep around, that can be a threat to your dog, either making it sick or causing death,

Did you know that an environmental toxin could be any substance that is outside of an animal’s body and if ingested or otherwise exposed to – can cause harmful biological change.

We live in a world that we are trying to turn “green,” and yet many of our homes are filled with things that can cause harm to our dogs.

Did you know that second hand cigarette smoke could cause cancer in dogs? Rotting food found in a garbage can has the potential of either causing an illness or a fatality.

The substances found in a home that can become a lethal threat are varied from insecticides and tainted water that pollutes the environment to a multitude of other things that seem small and insignificant.

This article I hope in some small way will open the readers eyes and…

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