Dakota’s Steakhouse Is A Dallas Gem

I am certain that Dakota’s Steakhouse, opposite Dallas’s Fairmont Hotel at the corner of Akard and San Jacinto streets, may be in the running today to be considered the finest dining spot in the DFW metroplex, certainly for lunch. I have eaten there half-a-dozen times in the last twelve weeks; I have never been disappointed. Indeed, I’ve been delighted each time, and I’ve decided that the venerable Dakota’s is doing a better job than many of the newer (and flashier!) additions to the Dallas dining scene.

I first was a guest at Dakota’s more than twenty years ago, at a dinner for twelve in honor of a visiting diplomat from Peru. The venue itself attracts attention, and there is indeed an interesting story behind Dakota’s magnificently lush underground space. Dakota’s was built in 1984 by the Lincoln Property Company, which built a sleekly modern glass tower that still stands next door. The owners wanted a signature restaurant at street level, but the land on which the building went…

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