Food Hygiene – The Eight Principles of "From Farm to Fork"

Food hygiene can be compromised at eight different stages in its supply and preparation. These stages start on the farm and end on the fork.

At every stage great care must be taken to ensure that the end product will be safe to eat. Let’s define all eight stages.

The eight stages are:


1) The farm- Animals, and crops must be handled and cared for humanely & professionally by trained professionals and with proper supervision by qualified Vets.

2) Transportation of raw materials- animals and crops must be transported in a way which complies with state legislation and ethical codes.

3) Processing plants.- this stage includes slaughter houses, packing stations and factories. All of these sites should be authorised by appropriate regulatory bodies, have a valid manufacturers license, issues to state and national specifications, and comply with GMP, ISO 9002 and HACCP’s standards. All authentic, safe products should have the name address and telephone number of the processor…

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