How to Set a Spooky and Colorful Halloween Party Table

Halloween is second only to Christmas as the most-decorated-for holiday. Party planners can throw ever more enjoyable events on October 31 by carefully mixing colorful dinnerware and spooky themes for their holiday buffet and banquet table settings.

It is not surprising that dishes and dinnerware patterns produced specifically for Halloween are becoming easier to find.

Vintage china favorites are also easy to use for this purpose, especially dishes in colors that work based on your chosen color palette or theme, but were not specifically produced for seasonal table settings.

Orange and black are the traditional colors. Boomers remember yards of orange and black crepe paper streamers, along with carved pumpkins and individually-wrapped peanut butter kisses. Purple twinkle lights came along years later, and now lime green dishes, candy bowls and similar items have joined the Halloween color array.

Your white or black dinnerware pieces are also ideal to use. Ghosts will always be white,…

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