Kefir – A Light, Refreshing and Healthy Drink

KEFIR is a light, refreshing and nutritionally sound drink. It is a fermented milk beverage prepared by inoculating milk with kefir grains popular in Nothern and Eastern Europe. Initially KEFIR was accidentally discovered when shepherds used to carry milk in skin bags and the milk used to ferment by itself and resulted into a carbonated drink. The introduction of kefir grains in the milk changes its chemical structure and leads to fermentation introducing a sour or tangy flavour to the beverage. The fermentation process yields two by products viz. CO2 and ethanol (alcohol), thus making it carbonated and a bit alcoholic*.

Most of the lactose (sugar) is converted into lactic acid due to fermentation and the fact that they improve lactose digestion like yogurt makes it sound good for diabetic patients but on the whole the considerable amount of lactose left unfermented makes it unsuitable for lactose intolerant subjects. It has got polysaccharide named kefiran which gives it a rich…

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