Modernist Cuisine

A few – now famous – chefs started playing with food – experimenting with ingredients to see how different cooking methods changed the appearance of them. A modernist’s goal can be concluded to keep the surprise factor in good food.

For me there always was the differentiation between cooking and baking: cooking comes from the heart and baking comes from science. That is how it has been for thousands of years. And now there is the science of molecular cooking: science combined with the heart.

Some chefs associated with the term choose to reject its use, preferring other terms such as multi sensory cooking, culinary physics, experimental cuisine and my favorite: modernist cuisine. Ferran AdriĆ  of El Bulli (Spain), prefers the term ‘deconstructivist’ to describe his style of cooking.

Ferran AdriĆ  is considered one of the best chefs in the world. Examples of his unusual dishes that have been criticized include frozen whisky sour candy, white garlic and almond sorbet, tobacco-flavored…

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