Natural Dog Food Supplements – Easy Does It

Dogs will eat just about anything they can lay their paws, er teeth on. So switching from a commercial brand of dog food to a healthier, raw food diet usually goes smoothly. Sometimes, however, owners are reluctant to believe they are capable of providing a healthy alternative for their canine buddies. They hedge their bets by mixing in commercial food or by adding multiple supplements.

Continuing to feed your dog commercial food along with raw can upset the gastrointestinal tract of some dogs resulting in diarrhea. Chemical additives in the commercial food is never eliminated so the true benefits of a natural diet are never really experienced. The dog is short changed. On the other hand, going raw but insisting on adding a truck load of supplements into your dog’s diet such as herbs, oils and vitamins can also backfire. So many foreign ingredients can cause the dog to refuse the new food or, if they do eat it, can also cause gastrointestinal issues.

Using a variety of meaty bone and…

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