Nutrients Found in Clay Cookware

Eating healthy very much involves knowing exactly what you eat, which means knowing exactly what’s in your food. However, the knowledge shouldn’t stop here, as knowing what your cookware contains is equally important. This is because during the cooking process, whatever it is in your cookware can very well leach into your food, so you could ingest plenty of toxins without knowing even if you shop for the healthiest foods and produce on the market. It is also the reason why clay cookware has come to the attention of many chefs around the world and many home cooks as well. It is important to note though that these pots and pans must be pure clay and have no glazing whatsoever, as glazing equals additives, which cancels the health benefits of clay cookware altogether.

Nutrients found in clay

So what’s in these clay pots and how is that helpful? Well, if you buy the right type of clay cookware, that is made of 100% pure clay with no additives and no glazing, then all you’ll find that in…

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